The Door Is That Way

It seems every time I turn around lately that there is a Republican party member on television or on the internet extolling the virtues of their party, spouting random mentally incoherent babble on various topics, sharing their xenophobic beliefs or calling for the impeachment of the President of the United States. However, it isn’t only politicians doing the outrageous speaking. It seems that every conservative is coming out of the wood work online. Read any political article and you will surely see comments from conservatives all across the nation damning the Democratic Party, defaming the character of every Muslim in the world or Crying out for President Obama’s impeachment. I have one serious question for these Republicans. Would you support removing your own representatives from Congress?

Remove them for outlandish behavior, trying to infringe upon the rights of all people not affiliated with their Christian beliefs or of the same ethnicity. Remove them from office for trying to ban entry into our country solely because of someone’s religion and refusing to accept refugees unless they are Christian. Throw them out of office for wasting tax payer money. Seven committees have held hearings into Benghazi. Each hearing has shown that their was no guilt or wrong doing on the part of anyone involved. Rather it was shown that it was simply a witch hunt to damage the reputation of Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign. That was a perfect waste of over $4 billion, money which could have been put to better use. However, Republicans do not care. It’s not their money.

Remove them for holding committee meetings in Congress that are designed to be a waste of time. Ted Cruz, yes we see you. Why would you call a radio show host to provide expert testimony on climate change? He has no expertise in science. This was for a hearing conducted by the Senate Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness. It wasn’t a broadcast journalist/disc jockey convention. You blatantly called someone as an expert witness to provide testimony on a subject that he had no knowledge of. It isn’t like he spoke for 20 minutes. In true Congressional hearing fashion, he spoke for two hours. How much did that cost the American people?

It is high time that the conservative right do what is right. It is time they work for the people of this nation. It is time they fulfill their oaths of office and work to better our nation. It is time for them to earn their keep. Any future failure to do so will only lead to future harm for our nation. If you waste tax dollars you should be removed from office. If you try to infringe upon the rights of others simply because of a difference in religious ideology, you should be gone. If you support forcing one religious group to wear badges so they can be identified by the remainder of the population, you should most definitely not be holding public office and collecting a substantial paycheck from the American tax payers. Keeping you in office is senseless. You are no more useful than a Marco Rubio Congressional vote.


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