What Is Going On In This Country?

Now, generally, I try not to put forth too much of my personal opinion on things such as racial inequality and things of this nature on public forums. Mostly, this is due to the inevitable fact that someone will end up with a bad case of  Irritable Vagina Syndrome (IVS). Since I don’t have the time, inclination, or necessary ointments to help these people, I try to hold my feelings on issues such as these locked away deep in the bowels of my soul. However, this is not one of those times. Therefore, let us begin this journey of rantings and ravings.

As most of the educated American population is aware, in the Great State of South Carolina, there were indeed not one but two men with the surname of Scott that have been shot and killed by police officers. This week alone, we have found out that one of the officers involved in one of the shootings will not go to court. They claim there was a gun. Yet there has never been any video evidence of said gun. However, they say it was there, did a thorough investigation, and even consulted with other prosecutors from other cities. Therefore, I can accept their decision in this matter. However, the other case in which a man named Scott was shot, to borrow a line from Woody Allen, is a travesty of a mockery of a travesty of a mockery of a travesty. One Officer Slager pulled Mr. Scott over on a cool brisk morning. Mr. Scott, fearing he may have an arrest warrant for unpaid child support, turns himself into Carl Lewis and begins a mad dash away from the officer. (Here is where the plot thickens.) When Mr. Scott is approximately eighteen (18) feet away from said officer, the officer draws his gun and releases a volley of gunfire at Mr. Scott. Alas, poor Scott he knew you hardly. He was struck by rounds from the officer’s prized service revolver and lay dying on the ground. No worries, though, Officer Slager rushed to his side to provide medical attention. Oh, no wait. That isn’t quite what happened. Slager rushes towards the downed suspect. He sees that he is taking his last breath. He stands and goes to retrieve the stun gun that he had dropped while running after the victim. The dashing young officer returns to Scott’s side and drops the stun gun next to him. That is right folks. Instead of providing much-needed first aid, he tried to frame the dying man. Yet, the plot twists even more. A young man video recorded the entire event on his cell phone while walking to work. This led to the eventual arrest of Officer Slager for the murder of the dearly departed Mr. Scott.

Flash forward to last week, and the closing arguments in the trial against Officer Slager are winding down. The jury receives their instructions from the demanding judge. The depart the courtroom. They return many hours later and announce that they cannot continue with deliberations. The judge demands an answer. The foreman advised his honor that they have one man on the jury who states he cannot with good conscience convict a law enforcement officer. The judge scolds the members of the jury and forces them to return to deliberation. Evening comes and they still cannot get the one gentleman to sway. They announce this to his honor once more. “I send you home for the weekend. Deliberations shall continue on Monday,” announces the judge. Come to the morn of Monday, and the jury is once again weighing in on the issues at hand. The holdout, in all his magnificent wisdom, sends a letter to the judge. It states that he cannot and will not change his mind. It is at this time, the foreman asks that this juror is removed and that the judge replaces him with an alternate who has witnessed the proceedings. The judge in his self-righteousness denies this request. A mistrial is declared.

Now I ask you, the good people of this nation. Is this right? An unarmed black man is blatantly shot in the middle of the back while fleeing from an officer of the law. He is shot without any provocation. The officer claims he was in fear for his well-being (nevermind the fact he shot the man running away and then tried to frame him). The case hinged on the vote of one Christian Conservative white man who suddenly decided that he could not in good conscience convict a police officer. Now I ask you to do me just one small favor. Close your eyes, lay back on your couch and imagine that your son our daughter, a young white man or woman, is the one running away from the officer who happens to be black. Do you think the same outcome would have taken place? We claim to be a great nation. However recently it appears that the only thing we are great at is division. Therefore, I ask you without malice, with nothing more than aching in my bosom and emptiness in my gut. Exactly what is going on in this country?


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