Oh America, Where Did We Go Wrong? – (We Have a Narcissist Cry Baby For a Leader)

There was a time not long ago when the leaders of our proud nation worried more about important matters of state than what other said about them. Tackling issues of national defense, financial crisis, employment, and trade were more important than denouncing the press or politicians who disagree with your opinions and ideologies. That all changed on January 20, 2017.

We are now facing the dumbing down of the position that has long been considered “the most powerful person in the world”. The current president of our beloved country finds it more important to attack the media. “Fake News”. He finds it necessary to remind everybody of his “yuge” and “biggly” victory via the Electoral College (the same Electoral College he said should be done away with). He continues to make false claims about a popular vote victory even though it has been shown he lost the popular vote by almost three million votes, with almost another 3 million votes going to independent candidates.

However, it wasn’t until recently that his true narcissistic nature was shown. He recently gave the commencement speech at the United States Coast Guard Academy. Our esteemed leader chose to use this moment not so much to congratulate the cadets on their accomplishments, but rather to cry out about the treatment he has received since becoming president. He ranted about how no president in the history of our country has been treated as badly as he has. Nevermind the fact that he is a narcissist, self-indulgent to a fault. His statement simply didn’t ring true. For all his braggadocio, he has claimed to be supremely intelligent, he fails to understand that history simply proves his statement false.

His predecessor, President Obama, was treated rather poorly during his eight years. The legitimacy of his educational achievements was called into question. For six years he had a Congress that not only opposed his every move, it blatantly obstructed them. Worst of all, he had his citizenship called into question by none other than our current leader. It would seem that President Obama may quite well have endured worse treatment than our current leader could possibly have received in less than six months in office.

Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln, two of our most respected presidents, most definitely received worse treatment than our current leader. One protected the nation from the threat of war with the USSR. The other saved a nation from collapse and emancipated a race of people. Yet, both were rewarded for their service in a manner not befitting their service to our nation. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas. Lincoln was assassinated while attending a performance at Ford’s Theater. These two fine men of character, morals, and dignity were killed in cold blood. This seems to clearly be worse than any treatment our current president could have received.

So now I ask our “esteemed” leader one very simple question. Is it possible that perhaps in all your narcissistic, ego-maniacal, selfishness that you may be exaggerating just a bit? Enough of your whining. Enough attacking the press. Enough of not leading the nation that elected you to do just that. Put on your big boy pants. Understand that not everyone is going to like you (as was shown by the results of the popular vote). Work for the greatness that this nation has always had, not the greatness you think we have lost. Get your House in order. This isn’t a game, not a round of golf. It is a country that will not be a destroyed by a self-indulgent man such as yourself.


The Door Is That Way

It seems every time I turn around lately that there is a Republican party member on television or on the internet extolling the virtues of their party, spouting random mentally incoherent babble on various topics, sharing their xenophobic beliefs or calling for the impeachment of the President of the United States. However, it isn’t only politicians doing the outrageous speaking. It seems that every conservative is coming out of the wood work online. Read any political article and you will surely see comments from conservatives all across the nation damning the Democratic Party, defaming the character of every Muslim in the world or Crying out for President Obama’s impeachment. I have one serious question for these Republicans. Would you support removing your own representatives from Congress?

Remove them for outlandish behavior, trying to infringe upon the rights of all people not affiliated with their Christian beliefs or of the same ethnicity. Remove them from office for trying to ban entry into our country solely because of someone’s religion and refusing to accept refugees unless they are Christian. Throw them out of office for wasting tax payer money. Seven committees have held hearings into Benghazi. Each hearing has shown that their was no guilt or wrong doing on the part of anyone involved. Rather it was shown that it was simply a witch hunt to damage the reputation of Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign. That was a perfect waste of over $4 billion, money which could have been put to better use. However, Republicans do not care. It’s not their money.

Remove them for holding committee meetings in Congress that are designed to be a waste of time. Ted Cruz, yes we see you. Why would you call a radio show host to provide expert testimony on climate change? He has no expertise in science. This was for a hearing conducted by the Senate Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness. It wasn’t a broadcast journalist/disc jockey convention. You blatantly called someone as an expert witness to provide testimony on a subject that he had no knowledge of. It isn’t like he spoke for 20 minutes. In true Congressional hearing fashion, he spoke for two hours. How much did that cost the American people?

It is high time that the conservative right do what is right. It is time they work for the people of this nation. It is time they fulfill their oaths of office and work to better our nation. It is time for them to earn their keep. Any future failure to do so will only lead to future harm for our nation. If you waste tax dollars you should be removed from office. If you try to infringe upon the rights of others simply because of a difference in religious ideology, you should be gone. If you support forcing one religious group to wear badges so they can be identified by the remainder of the population, you should most definitely not be holding public office and collecting a substantial paycheck from the American tax payers. Keeping you in office is senseless. You are no more useful than a Marco Rubio Congressional vote.


We now join our currently scheduled programming (fuzz on television crackles and programming comes on).  Good morning ladies and gentlemen.  It is that time once again when we award those lacking common sense, intelligence and overall moral fiber.  This week’s winners have shown that they have the true grit to be selfish, self indulging idiots.  The have passed muster for their lack of consideration to a nation and administration.  Without further ado, the winners are as follows.


Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

The esteemed senator from the sunshine state has walked away with the award for Asshole of the Week.  He has proven to be prickly enough to deserve the notoriety.  On Thursday the senator was a guest on Hugh Hewitt’s talk radio program.  During his interview, he stated that he would continue to vote for a government shutdown or sequestration unless Obamacare is halted completely.  It seems that the senator believes Obamacare will have dire consequences on businesses and the U.S. health care industry.  Apparently he did not get the memo showing that this idea had been debunked.  Glad to see the Republican party makes sure that their decisions are made on facts and not myths.  Rubio showed his selfishness by threatening to vote to sequester.  It seems the money in his pocket is more important than the health of his constituents.  Well played asshole.


Bill O’Reilly, Fox News Host 

Mr. O’Reilly has done and said many things in his time on Fox News.  However, it may be just possible that this is one of the best examples of his mastery of douchebaggery.  On Tuesday, he was interviewing a Fox News contributor, Alan Colmes.  During the interview O’Reilly flipped out and started yelling at Colmes and calling him a liar.  Colmes had stated that Obama had proposed spending cuts in the amount of $2 for every dollar that revenues raised.  He then cited Medicaid as a program that Obama was in favor of in regards to reduced spending.  O’Reilly then stated Colmes could not name one specific program that Obama would approve in regards to spending cuts.  When advised that Obama did approve of cuts to Medicaid, O’Reilly began yelling at Colmes calling him a liar and stating that Medicaid was not a specific program. Great job Mr. O’Reilly.  You have shown that even in the face of overwhelming facts, you refuse to accept anything the current administration or Democratic party say as fact.  It is for his steadfast dedication to ignore facts that wins him the award. Perhaps if he learned to accept facts his show would improve.

Well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs, those are the winners for this week.  It just goes to show that sometimes you can take the man away from the dumb but you can never take the dumb out of the man.  Tune in next week for yet another intoxicating installment of awards.

– Peace, hair grease and love.


Hurry, hurry, step right up!  Come one come all and lay your eyes on the worst of the wicked, the dumbest of the dumb, the ….well you get the point.  It is time again to hand out our prestigious awards.  So, without further ado, let the show begin.



Rep. K. Michael “Mike” Conaway (R-TX)

The esteemed representative from Texas is one of the biggest vocal critics on federal spending.  He has actually been put on record as saying that spending cuts would help create new jobs.  This is good.  Here comes the asshole however.  He recently lobbied the National Park Service to consider turning the childhood home of President George W. Bush into a national park location.  To begin with this sounds absolutely absurd.  A national park location for a president that pushed us into a trillion-dollar deficit.  This would require more tax money to be spent.  According to a study by the U.S. Department of Interior, it costs between $500,000 and $4,000,000 per year for each national park location.  So is really wise to make that house a park site?  Conaway earns the Asshole of the Week award for considering such foolishness during these financially trying times.  It appears he is not much smarter than his Texas hero.


Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)

The wonderful senator from the great state of Iowa runs away with the Douchebag of the Week award.  He is one of the 22 Republican senators that voted against the Violence Against Women Act (VAMA).  He stated that VAMA is unconstitutional.  Specifically, his claim to total douchebaggery is his statement at a town hall meeting in Iowa.  He was asked by a woman why he voted against the act.  He stated, “Native Americans are not capable of holding fair trials.”  He was referring to white men being tried at tribal courts for crimes against women.  Not only did he prove himself to be ignorant, he showed that racism is alive and well in this country.  For this blatant display of stupidity there can be no other winner.

Well friends and foes, I hope that you have once more enjoyed the dubious distinctions that we have awarded.  We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

– Peace, hair grease and love.


Well hello there boys and girls, ladies and gents. It is that time again.  You guessed it, time for the weekly awards. This week I am blessed to be able to say that both awards are going to the same benevolent benefactor of bullshit.  He has truly earned both honors.


Senator John McCain (R)-AZ

Senator McCain wins the award for the Asshole of the Week Award for his appearance on Meet The Press.  On Sunday, February 17, 2013, the wonderful senator stated that the current administration (you know which one, the one with that black socialist guy) is “perpetrating a massive cover-up” in regards to the deaths of American diplomats in Benghazi.  The details of the attacks on the consulate in Benghazi were released months ago. There has been no proof of any wrong doing in regards to this incident.  However, McCain still insists there is a conspiracy to cover up information in regards to this incident.  Just another example of his need to become retired, as soon as possible.


Senator John McCain (R)-AZ

The Douchebag of the Week Award goes to the sensational senator as well.  This distinction was earned for his comments in regards to the  nomination of Chuck Hagel to the post of Defense Secretary.  McCain stated that he supported the filibuster against Hagel due to the fact that Hagel was mean to President Bush.  He then went on to say that Hagel would most likely have his nomination confirmed after the Senate’s Presidents Day recess.  Is this the third grade our senators are in?  McCain thought Hagel was mean to President Bush?  If that were the case, would there be anyone who could possibly be available to be nominated?  McCain, as one of the senior senators, should have simply proceeded with getting the confirmation completed prior to the Senate recess.  This would have allowed for more pressing issues to be addressed upon the Senate’s return.  MIA:  McCain’s intelligence and common sense.

It is with the utmost sincerity and good fun that I present this weeks dastardly duo award winner.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Therefore, join me next week for the next installment of the Weekly Awards. Be sure to tune in.

-Peace…Hair Grease…and Love


It is that time again for the dubious distinctions to be directed toward their derelicts.  This weeks winners are definitely deserving of being  chosen.


Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX)

The esteemed representative from the great state of Texas is the recipient of the Asshole Of The Week award.  Like most of his counterparts in the Republican party, Mr. Smith is against immigration reform.  He would prefer that we simply deport all of the illegal aliens that reside in our country.  This week, he warned GOP members to oppose immigration reform as it would give the Democratic party “millions of votes”.  Wow.  Really?  That is a really good reason to deny immigration reform.  No wonder our Congress cannot get anything done.  With hints of wisdom and racism combined like this, Mr. Smith is this week’s most deserving award winner.


Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

The esteemed senator from the sunshine state is proudly awarded the Douchebag Of The Week award.  He was chosen by the Republican party to respond to the President Of The United States’ State Of The Union speech.  He used this opportunity to show party strength and lack of intelligence by announcing that he still lives in the same working class neighborhood that he grew up in.  He said that most of his neighbors are the ones who get up early every morning to go to work or receive Social Security and Medicare benefits. He stated that he was proud to be neighbors with these people and that reforms to Social Security and Medicare need to be made for these kind of people.  He sealed the deal for this week’s award when he failed to mention that his house has been for sale since last fall.  He is currently trying to sell the house in an effort to move his wife and children to District of Columbia.  It was a nice touch of douchebaggery.  Brag about how much you love your neighbors and fail to mention that you are ready to up and go the minute the house is sold.

Until next week, enjoy your time and time your enjoyment.

-Peace, hair grease, and love.


As you may have read on a previous posting of mine, I am awarding weekly awards for inept or socially unacceptable behavior.  The main winner will be deemed the Asshole of the Week.  The second most polluted social action or statement will be rewarded with the Douchebag of The Week.

This weeks winners are as follows for showing such low moral fiber and a blatant lack of class or redeeming qualities:


Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), Tim Scott (R-SC), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Mike Johanns (R-NE), Rand Paul (R-KY), Pat Roberts (R-KS), and James Risch (R-ID)

This week’s award goes to 8 Republican senators for there appalling vote to block the Violence Against Women Act.  This act expired at the end of 2012.  Now these super geniuses have decided that the bill does not need to be renewed.  I wonder which one we will see in the news first for punching their wives in the face.  Nothing like the GOP to want to make it legal again to smack the old ball and chain when she doesn’t listen.  Their blatant disregard for an act that was created to protect women earns all of them the award.  


American Oil Companies

The runner up this week is once again shared.  It goes to all the American owned oil companies that continue to gouge the hard working men and women of this country.  Gas prices are at a 30 year high despite a drilling boom.  However, the executives at these companies will continue to try and use the excuse of problems at refineries and transportation issues.  What they fail to tell the public is that they continue to see record profits.  For not caring about the economic impact of their greed, these companies barely fall short of the top honor.

Check back weekly for the latest winners.  They will be announced every Monday night.

Peace….Hair Grease….& Love.

Weekly Awards

For the side of us all that likes to make fun of the most socially inept, I have decided to award weekly or bi-weekly awards for two socially inept individuals in this wonderful place we call Earth.  I have decided that too often there is more than one deserving individual who shows a complete lack of class that is so socially unacceptable that they have to simply be recognized for what they are.  The winner each week will be the Asshole of the Week award.  The dubious runner-up will earn the Douchebag of the Week award.

For the inaugural installment of the awards I have chosen two wonderfully inept individuals.  Drum roll please…

…and the winners are:



Mr. Beck had the audacity to compare dead Norwegian youths to a Hitler youth camp.  This comparison was made by Beck after the shooting of over 85 children on an island just outside of Oslo, Norway last week.  Beck said the Labour Party youth camp was similar to a Hitler youth camp as no political party should run a youth camp.  However, Mr. Beck helped organize a youth camp sponsored by the Tea Party.  For this unbelievable comparison, Mr. Glenn Beck receives the award hands down.



The Speaker of the House, John Boehner, was a dead ringer for this award.  After trying to give the debt ceiling negotiations a shot, he turned his back and walked out of all negotiations.  For turning his back on his responsibilities as a civil servant to this country, and for putting the United States at risk of defaulting on our debt for the first time in the history of the nation, we salute him for being the best douchebag anyone can be.  But hey, he is a Republican.  Just an even bigger reason to give him the award.  Blame less and work harder Mr. Boehner.  I have a feeling we will see you on this list again in the very near future.

So girls and boys, I hope you enjoyed the first installment of the awards.  Check back every week or two to see who the recipients will be.

Peace…Hair Grease…and Love.

535 Versus 1

Another week has gone by.  Another week with no resolution to the debt ceiling.  It appears that there is no resolution in sight.  Neither Democrats nor Republicans seem to be able to work together to solve the issue at hand.  The bipartisan loyalty of members of Congress needs to end.  It is high time the elected officials on Capitol Hill remember they were elected to work for the people and not for themselves.

However, it appears that the Republican party is less willing than their counterparts to work to achieve the goal of lowering the national debt.  The “Gang of Six” made a somewhat valiant effort trying to reduce the deficit.  However, talks with the Obama administration stalled.  House Speaker John Boehner walked away from talks causing more distance between the two parties.  This showed once more that the conservatives are less than willing to conduct a meaningful effort to help solve the deficit problem.

Recently Congressman Steve Scalise, while on the floor of the House of Representatives, stated, “President Obama’s irresponsible threat to veto ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ shows that he’s not willing to admit that Washington has a spending problem, and he’s not willing to make the necessary cuts to force the federal government to start living within its means.”  However, President Obama made many efforts to reduce federal spending.  It was only upon the request for new taxes upon the richest people in the country that the Republican party balked and walked out of talks.

This is an absurd statement if ever there were one from a Congressman.  This statement of supreme stupidity comes from a man who votes to raise his own salary on a yearly basis.  Perhaps we as a nation should do something to stop Congress from voting if they get a pay raise.  As of now the Majority Party leader and Minority party leader of the Senate earn $193,400 dollars a year.  In the House of Representatives, the Speaker of the House earns $223,500 and the Majority and Minority leaders earn the same as their Senate counterparts.  Rank and file members of Congress earn $174,000.  With the outrageous salaries that these members earn, it is absurd that they can vote to give themselves a pay raise.  Does the administrative assistant at a corporation get to give himself a pay raise?  I think not.  A pay raise should be earned.  Neither the Senate or House have earned a pay raise for quite some time.  Therefore, I would like to see the members of Congress put their paycheck where there mouth is.  Make progress or you will be voted out.  Plain and simple.

Therefore, I put forth the following challenge to the Congress of the United States of America.  Abandon your bipartisan loyalties.  Do what is right for the country and not your pocketbook.  Live up to the campaign promises that you made.  How many times we heard that you got into politics to help the people of this country?  I am not seeing any results.  Perhaps we should lower your pay.  Perhaps we should do away with the pension you are eligible for after 5 years of service.  Really?  Most Americans would love to be able to make the money you make for doing not much at all and still be able to receive a pension after 5 years.  It is high time that the leaders of this country take accountability for their own lack of action.  It is time to quit blaming the President for not working to help resolve the problems of the country.  He is one man.  The last time I checked, the Congress was made up of 535 men and women.  So who is really to blame? Maybe those of you in that big glass house on top of the hill should not throw stones.