Small Shows

As an avid concertgoer, I like to hit the bigger events, bands that I really know a vast amount of their catalog or that I grew up listening to.  However, it is also extremely rewarding to go and experience bands in some smaller, much smaller venues. You can experience the band in a completely different way. The ambiance is more intimate and often times more fun. Such was the case this past weekend.

My buddy and I made the three and a half hour trek to St. Louis from Kansas City to attend the Reverend Horton Heat show. I was introduced to the dear Reverend a couple of years ago by my friend. It wasn’t my normal kind of music that I would be listening to but it is rocking enough that I enjoy it. One of the great things with hearing a band in a small venue is that their are always opening acts and they generally get to play longer than a normal opening act. Such was the case this weekend at The Ready Room. The opening bands were Igor & The Red Elvises and Nashville Pussy.



Igor & The Red Elvises are a band we had seen perform a couple of years ago. They played at a town fair in Warrensburg, Missouri. They sounded fairly good. So when given the chance to see them a second time, I couldn’t wait. When they took the stage, there was a fairly good buzz in the air. Needless to say, they came out gunning everyone down with what I can only describe as a Siberian surf rock that attacked your senses with a funky groove. ¬†The same melodic hypnotizing songs we heard two years ago once again hugged my ear drums. The difference this time was provided by the actual venue in which they played. The concrete walls and the sound baffles, this little building echoed music like an arena. Both fans and band were able to enjoy this small moment in time, in a small space, and feel like they were in a fifty thousand seat arena. It was absolutely a growing experience as a music listener. I once again understood why so many of the bands I like choose to play in these small, intimate and if not sometimes shady venues. I will definitely be going to more venues like this to regain that old time rock and roll feeling. I hope you do the same.